Calli Client Installation Instructions
1: Go here:
2: Download the 5 installation files.
3: Run FFXIFullSetup_US.part1.exe
4: Choose a directory to extract your FFXI installation files and hit next.
5: When the extractor is completed, go to your chosen directory and run FFXISetup.exe
6: Accept the terms and click next twice
7: Choose your FFXI Installation Directory and hit next
8: Run pol.exe
9: Allow PlayOnline to update
10:Download the file here:!JRZRFIoY!wwlreHyc0lAvRnNacO1xyg
11:Extract the contents of the file to your FFXI install directory
12:Place Patch.exe into your Final Fantasy XI directory
13:Run Patch.exe
14:Confirm that it is extracting files to your …\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\ folder, then click Extract
15:When prompted to overwrite files, click “Yes to All”
16:Place regsvr.bat into your …\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\ folder
17:Run regsvr.bat
18: Download xiloader.exe and place it in your …\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer folder.

From here you will need to install Windower or Ashita if you have not already and edit the settings.xml file in your Windower install directory or configure Ashita with the settings below

[Windower settings.xml configuration]

<profile name="Kujata Reborn">



<args>--server --hairpin --user --password </args>



[Ashita Configuration]

– File: .\ffxi-bootmod\pol.exe

– Command: --server --hairpin

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