Hello Adventurers!

My name is Djarum founder of Kujata Reborn. Our server and its developers are dedicated to recreating an age of FFXI that some consider to be the golden era and one of the best times to have ever played the game, a time when the struggle for greatness held true meaning because it demanded dedication to skill and ability.

Our goal is to achieve this by developing our server based on the original content, game play and QoL aspects of a WoTG era retail server while adding some selective content from later expansions that we feel are compatible with our era without compromising the balance or originality of our vision.

We are trying to create that classic experience a player would have had in a retail environment while skilling up their characters, unlocking new jobs and progressing through in game content with as little compromise to the original experience as possible.

We are not here for money or fame, believe me… I have hosted this server myself for about three years on an enterprise class infrastructure with about 98% uptime and it has a small population of extremely dedicated players and staff that are of the type of people from the era of FFXI we wish to recreate.

This is why Kujata Reborn exist.

For them and for the ones that read this and feel the calling to Vanadiel they once felt, in an era of people they might once have met!

For more information about Kujata Reborn and its further please join our Discord.

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