Kujata Reborn
WoTG Era Server

At Kujata Reborn we are working on modifying our server to be as close to a WoTG retail environment as possible, We are focused on creating a community driven server and economy, We have decided to allow dual boxing for the time being to compensate for low population and will be phased out as population grows and it is not needed.

All new players will start as they would in a retail server with 10 Gil and 6 main jobs to choose from, players will also have the option to join the Kujata Reborn Server Linkshell.

Our server has standard EXP rates, Crafting rates and Gil rates, The only modifications that have been made to Game play, Jobs, Zones, Mog House, Gear, Items, Loot tables, Mob spawns, Mob levels, Teleports, Outpost warps, Mounts, EXP rings, Conquest, Missions, Quest or Story lines are to create a more accurate WoTG content and game era environment.

Our servers level cap is 75 and there will be no expansion content active outside of the servers era (WoTG).
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