Kujata Reborn [75 Cap] WoTG Era

Hello Adventures!
I am Djarum owner of Kujata Reborn, our server was built to be a WoTG Era server and based on the “Retail” game play environment. (No Custom Content or Changes to Game Play) Just (Good Ol’ Fashion FFXI)
Our server has been around for just over a year now and has just recently been discovered by the private server community it would seem. We do have a very small, but recently growing population and are looking forward to all the new players we can get!
So join us and help recreate the golden era of FFXI!

[Server Information]

– Expansion Era: Wings of the Goddess

– EXP Rate: Era – Fame Rate: Era

– Skillup Rate: Era

– Movement Speed: 40 (era default)

– Mog Wardrobe: Enabled and unlocked for all characters

– Explorer Moogles: Enabled (requires level 10)

– Homepoint Teleport: Disabled

– Fields of Valor: Enabled (era: experience rewards 1x/Vana day)

– Grounds of Valor: Disabled

– Level Sync: Enabled

– Conquest Exp bands: Era

– Server transfers: Not permitted

[Windower settings.xml configuration]

<profile name="Kujata Reborn">
<args>--server kujatareborn.com --hairpin --user **** --password **** </args>

[Ashita Configuration]

– File: .\ffxi-bootmod\pol.exe

– Command: --server kujatareborn.com --hairpin

[Customizations] (a.) Certain items, such as logs, ores and yagudo necklaces have retained their stackable property. The majority of these items can be found here: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxi/threads/42614-Jun-17-2014-%28JST%29-Version-Update. (b.) The Warp Ring is purchaseable from Conquest NPCs for 5,000 CP. Because life’s too short. (c.) All characters begin with an Anniversary Ring in their inventory. This cannot be recharged, and is included to faciliate the early levels and/or the pain of rerolling for those migrating from another server. (d.) The Explorer Moogle in Ru’Lude Gardens will be re-scripted to join the teleport network. This is because we are all sad to see Jeuno fall into irrelevance. Characters must be Rank 3 or higher to teleport to/from this moogle. (in development) (e.) While we have maintained the anti-RMT changes to certain open world NM drops (Lizzy, VE, Argus etc all drop /Ex gear), the Stroper Chyme’s drop table has been reverted to include Archer’s Rings.

For More Info About The Kujata Reborn Server Please Join Our Discord!

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