1. [Multiple Logins]

Players are permitted to have up to two characters logged in and active in the field, with an optional additional third crafter/ bazaar mule restricted to city areas. Having three or more “active” characters is not permitted.

The server will allow a maximum of three concurrent logins from a single IP address. If you share an IP address with another player (such as a relative, spouse or roommate) let us know and we can make adjustments on a case-by-case basis.

  1. [Hacking/Botting/Exploiting]

(a) Scripts, addons, and other third-party software employed to automate, exploit or otherwise expedite gameplay are expressly forbidden. Macros using existing /wait or commands within the client are allowed (e.g. /lastsynth macros).

(b.) Discovery of potential exploits under normal conditions, such as incorrect buy/sell prices or terrain glitches whereby a monster can’t attack you should be reported immediately – if you are complicit in abusing such exploits consequences will be severe.

  1. [RMT]

Do not engage in RMT activities here. It is incredibly easy for our devs to track the movement of Gil and items. You won’t get away with it, so just don’t do it.
[8:36 PM]

  1. [Notorious Monsters Etiquette]

Claim-stealing is not permitted. Holding timed-spawn NMs for the purposes of setting its window is not permitted. In any situation, if another player or party is present you are expected to engage the NM immediately, if you don’t they can and should report you, and action will be taken against you and/or your group.

  1. [Auction House Manipulation]

Engaging in price-fixing or other forms of market manipulation is not permitted. Believe it or not, this is also easy to track. The easiest example of this is buying up all stock and relisting at a higher price; the 4D chess maneuver is doing the same as part of a cabal of people; full on Galaxy Brain is rolling a bunch of mules to do it all by yourself. Devs can see it all so knock it off. We’re all here to have a good time – don’t enjoy yours at the express expense of others.

  1. [Language and Harassment]

Whilst we’re not a PG server, please refrain from using offensive language in public communication channels (such as /say /shout etc, and the KujataReborn server linkshell) Private linkshell owners are free to set their own policies, and we ask you respect the boundaries of all members in group situations. Hate speech and discrimination of any type will not be tolerated, whether it is directed at someone or not. There is no three-strike rule here: don’t be a dick.

Political discourse is allowed, but please don’t let it get out of hand and don’t use it as an excuse to make hateful or discriminatory comments.
[8:38 PM]

  1. [GM Interaction]

Requests for GM support should be directed to the #❔helpdesk channel of our Discord server, or you can make a request in the server linkshell (all GMs have this equipped at all times), but please don’t spam chat seeking assistance. When a GM is available, they will assist you.

We ask that when a GM communicates with you in-game that you please respond within a reasonable time. If you are active in-game and unresponsive to GM communication, you will be assumed to be botting and will be immediately transported to Mordion Gaol.

Breaking any of these rules will result in disciplinary action being taken against you. All such actions are discussed and agreed on by a quorum of GMs, up to potential loss of your account or accounts. Evidence of engaging in RMT activities, or using speed hacks, claim bots and the like will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

[Party Play]

We’re all here to have fun, and to that extent we strongly encourage a positive and inclusive environment. While dual-boxing is permitted in party play, we ask that you not exclude other players from your group so you or someone else can exp on two characters concurrently. Please just be nice.

To quote @Candiceann: “If someone else is looking for a party, you’re socially obligated to not be a cheeky tart and let them in the party.
[8:39 PM]

[The Three Strike Rule]

  1. In the event that a player is caught breaking any of the server rules, they will be jailed for 24 hours, given a verbal warning, and receive a strike against their account.
  2. In the event that said player is caught breaking any of the server rules on a second occasion, they will be jailed for 72 hours and receive another strike against their account along with another verbal warning.
  3. In the event of said player being caught breaking any of the server rules a third time, the player’s account will be suspended and discord roles will be revoked until further notice from the Kujata Reborn Staff Via Discord or Email. Any Experience points, Gil, Equipment, (etc.) acquired by or while breaking any server rules will be subject to seizure.
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