About us
We're trying to provide '09 Era based on community game play in a retail server environment, there are no plans to add any custom game content or to modify game play in any way other than removing any high mobs that were added to low level areas upon the level cap being raised to 99 and removing any gear greater than level 75.
  • Level Cap: 75
  • EXP Rate: x1.0
  • Fame Rate: x1.0
  • Crafting Rate: x1.0
  • Speed: No modifiers
  • FoV enabled (One training regime per Vana'diel day)
  • Starting Gil: 50 (via Adventurer coupon)
  • Advanced jobs unlocked via quests
  • Mog Case, Sack, Satchel, Mog Wardrobe 1-4 enabled
  • Home Point: Traditional recall only.
  • Mobs do not despawn after losing agro.

Which BCNM/KSNM/etc. Work?
Please refer to the official Darkstar list here .

What is the Auction House Status?
Auction House Broker (AHB) offers players the ability to acquire and sell mundane items outside those provided by the player economy.
  • Currently items level 1 - 30; alongside their principal materials, are being listed.
  • The AHB will list 5 items at a time, restocking them within a few minutes after being depleted.
  • The AHB only lists single items (no stacks).
  • Player listed items stocked by the AHB will be purchased at or below the AHB Price History within minutes.